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"Sent from the heavens"
If you haven’t tried this yet it’s a MUST. It is seriously the best hangover remedy out there. Not only does it get rid of headaches but also those next day shakes and anxiety. The best thing I’ve found out is if I’ve been drinking, I’ll take 2 before I go to bed which gives it a jumpstart. Then if I feel like shit the next day I’ll take 2 more and seriously I feel 100%. It’s the easiest hangover remedy so def give it a try you’ll never go back to eating nasty greasy food to cure a hangover again!
Bailey B.
"Can't go without!"
Absolutely obsessed with the product!! Every year the hangovers get exponentially worse (especially lately 😵) and I’ve struggled with finding a product that gets me back to 100% the day after a night out (sorry, Advil. Not cutting it anymore). My friend introduced me to this product and I was skeptical at first, but quickly hopped on the band wagon because this product is a life-saver! I always stock up before a weekend and could not recommend this product more!
Avery M.
"CBDTox is a must"
I don’t go out without it! I’m notorious for getting terrible headaches the day after I drink, but CBDTox makes me feel like a functioning human again. The only hangover remedy I’ve found that actually works. I keep it stocked!!!!
Camille L.


No. CBD has no psychoactive effects like its counterpart, THC. 

In all likelihood, if you only take our product and no other cannabinoid products, yes. We use only pure, premium CBD isolate, which means there is zero trace of THC, confirmed by several rounds of 3rd-party testing.

CBD has a variety of potential health benefits. The most prominent are that it can help alleviate pain and inflammation, nausea, and anxiety. 

Feel free to email any questions to hello@getcbdtox.com.


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