Ever get hangovers?

Do you ever wish you could just enjoy drinking, without having to worry about the negative consequences?

Now, you can!



A revolutionary, patentpending solution to hangovers that…

1. Addresses the physical and mental aspects of a hangover

2. Helps you recover from the negative effects of alcohol

3. Promotes overall health + wellness in the presence of alcohol

and more

If you drink,
you need this!

Alcohol causes damage to the body. Our product helps combat that damage.

Most of us (who drink) have been there. You’re out with friends, at a vibe-y cocktail bar, a club with bottle service, or, in the case of #corona, you have a few friends over and stock up on the ‘claws… And 1 drink turns into 5. You let loose, after a long day of work (or #WFH). And you deserve to have fun!

The night was awesome. You get home, order some pizza, put on an episode of your favorite show and fall asleep in bliss… Only to be rudely awakened by a pounding headache, anxiety, and if you’re really unlucky, unshakable nausea that has you running for the toilet.

You have a hangover.😣

Whatever grand ideas you had for the day – making it to work (and your morning meeting) on time, running errands, building the furniture that’s been sitting in your living room, brunch with friends, – will have to wait.

Even if your plan was to stay in bed all day and catch up on your favorite show. Your headache and sensitivity to light won’t allow it. You’re stuck curled up in your messy sheets that need to be washed, unable to go back to sleep, yet unable to get up.

Or maybe, you do make it out to brunch. But you feel dazed, confused, perhaps your heart is racing… you’re having trouble concentrating on the conversation. You feel like a stranger with your own friends. Or maybe you’re meeting new friends for the first time, and you feel like a complete idiot because you can’t even think straight, can’t get the words out…

We call this dazed, anxious, spacey feeling “hangxiety“.

The bottom line is:

Hangovers suck.

Even the mildest hangover can affect our mood and our performance.
But why should we have to suffer just from having a little fun?

Now, it’s possible to enjoy the positives of alcohol, without the negative mental and physical effects.

Now, there’s a way to combat long-term damage from alcohol, and promote overall wellness despite alcohol consumption.

Just take two capsules,


What makes our patent-pending blend the most effective on the market in reducing hangover symptoms and promoting overall wellness?


Every single dose contains 40mg of pure, premium Hemp extract.

Most hangover remedies on the market don’t contain hemp, and if they do, they only contain half the amount for double the price.


1. Anti-inflammatory properties

2. Anti-nausea properties

3. Anti-anxiety properties

4. Antioxidant properties (can aid detoxification)

5. Can decrease neurodegeneration

and more

Lemon martini

We’ve combined Hemp with a range of other vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and detoxifying agents.


(nothing artificial, nothing hidden, 100% organic + non-toxic.)

{ Antioxidant Defense Blend }

1. PRICKLY PEAR EXTRACT – boasts antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties

2. ACAI BERRY EXTRACT – can aid in detoxification & improve cognitive function

3. TAURINE – an amino acid that can improve mental performance & minimize liver damage

{ Detox Blend }

4. MILK THISTLE – protects the liver against toxins

5. DHM (Dihydromyricetin) – can reduce inflammation, speed up the metabolization process & protect the liver

6. GLUTAMINE – an amino acid used for energy production and healthy organ function

7. BCAA – essential amino acids that can help decrease muscle fatigue and soreness

8. INOSITAL – can reduce anxiety and depression

9. PEPPER – can reduce pain, inflammation, and improve brain function

{ Hydration Recovery Blend }

10. POTASSIUM – electrolyte that helps regulate fluid balance

11. MAGNESIUM – supports energy production & muscle function

12. NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) – helps replenish glutathione; aids detoxification

13. B-12 – can boost energy, digestion, and help regulate nervous system

14. CALCIUM – can help you hydrate

Other ingredients: Gelatin Capsules, Rice Flour, Magnesium Sterate

Our formula works to replenish, restore, and soothe your mind + body after drinking.



If you don’t see an improvement in at least one hangover, you can return the remaining product for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.


Happy Drinking!

Customer Reviews

“Sent from the heavens”
If you haven’t tried this yet it’s a MUST. It is seriously the best hangover remedy out there. Not only does it get rid of headaches but also those next day shakes and anxiety. The best thing I’ve found out is if I’ve been drinking, I’ll take 2 before I go to bed which gives it a jumpstart. Then if I feel like shit the next day I’ll take 2 more and seriously I feel 100%. It’s the easiest hangover remedy so def give it a try you’ll never go back to eating nasty greasy food to cure a hangover again!

Bailey B.
“Can’t go without!”
Absolutely obsessed with the product!! Every year the hangovers get exponentially worse (especially lately 😵) and I’ve struggled with finding a product that gets me back to 100% the day after a night out (sorry, Advil. Not cutting it anymore). My friend introduced me to this product and I was skeptical at first, but quickly hopped on the band wagon because this product is a life-saver! I always stock up before a weekend and could not recommend this product more!

Avery M.
This is the greatest hangover remedy! I have taken it on several occasions after being “over served”. Within about 1/2 hour of taking the 2 pill dose, my nausea and headache were gone! Within a short time, I felt as if I hadn’t even had anything to drink at all! I highly recommend this product!

Caroline A.
“This product is a must”
I don’t go out without it! I’m notorious for getting terrible headaches the day after I drink, but this stuff makes me feel like a functioning human again. The only hangover remedy I’ve found that actually works. I keep it stocked!!!!

Camille L.
“Better than ibuprofen!!”
This product has been awesome in helping me survive the day(s) after celebrating with my friends! I used to be the one in the group that couldn’t do anything at all the day after drinking. Thanks to this product, I’m the first one up and the first one ready to keep on celebrating! I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to thrive after drinking rather than stay in bed all day.

Adela M.

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